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Reviewer MariaJones
The destruction of the Library of Alexandria never looked so good, nor was it as pertinent an allegory to present day affairs in many parts of the world, not least Europe. Books and knowledge are the first things fundamentalists destroy, in whatever shape and form they come in (Nazism, Stalinism, Religious fundamentalism), swiftly followed by women's rights and the rights of every free thinking citizen, and this film depicts that in a subtle way.

This film has everything for the old-time film buff, unrequited love, historical context, beautiful acting by all concerned, especially Rachel Weisz and Oscar Isaac, great cinematography and it is also an allegory of our times, how in the context of the history of the world, this tiny planet in the cosmos, nothing ever really changes, only names and places.

If you are expecting an action packed film, this is not your film, but for those who want to see a beautiful film depicting old Alexandria with a wonderful role for a leading actress, Weisz in one if not her best performances to date, this film is highly recommended.

Alejandro Amenabar is a brave director who isn't afraid of trying different genres (Thesis, Open Your Eyes, The Others, The Sea Inside) and who has a knack at triumphing at all of them.

After seeing the film twice, first time in Spain and recently in London, I think Agora deserves a 4.5 or even 5 stars and Rachel Weisz an Oscar and BAFTA nomination for her subtle and beautiful performance.
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Reviewer Cassandra2010
I agree with your review. I saw the film yesterday and thought it was fantastic. Oscar Isaac was particularly wonderful as Orestes and his love for Hypatia was so touching. I hope to see him in more leading man roles.

I would urge everyone who likes 'intelligent' films to go and see this film before they take it off the big screen.
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