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All Saints Street,

(0117) 926 8514

The Bierkeller Information

The Bierkeller is a central Bristol venue that holds regular live music and DJ nights.

Opening Hours
Varies, please contact the venue for more details.
Drink Info
Beer from £3.20 per bottle

Cocktail List available
On Fri Sat playing Metal, Rock
Live Ents
Live music every Saturday and regular theatre.
£3-£5 Friday
£7 Saturday
Gigs and theater prices vary
18+ Friday and Saturday
Cash Only

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Reviewer stevenoakes
great night! went on the saturday to the oompah pa evening. band were a top laugh and big steins of beer and so on. got mates on stage. a tonne of fancy dress and inflatables all over the place and you are allowed to dance on the tables. never seen anything like it. music was a reasonable selection of known stuff and chart gear at the end which was one of the best bits. beer prices not too shabby , prob not too much more expensive than mainstream pub. great for a night if you wanna muck about without many boundries.
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Reviewer pinchie6
Friendly club.Bar staff are polite and nice.Has 2 bars,does cocktails in steins,yummy,free shot with every drink! Pints taste fine too me. Has long tables with benches,German style.Guess because it is called Bierkeller.The toilets get messy at the end of the night,due to people being messy dirty gits.Have seen worse.Much worse,sadly. I like how it looks,it is not a trendy place but has a lovely feel to it.Looks nothing like a seedy strip joint and it not down some back street.
There are poles for people to do pole dancing and some people must be proper pole dancer as they are amazing.There is a cage on stage on dance in which is a laugh.You can`t stand around on the stage,guess there is a lot of expensive gear the dj`s use,but they will come and talk to you and are friendly. They play a wide range of rock/metal.You can stand on the front of the stage and dance which is awesome fun! Start of the night the music is really great.Then gets a bit more main stream with popular rock/metal tracks as the club fills up,which is ok,as they mix it up a lot,and the floor gets busy but everyone is having fun.Then the last couple of hours it changes again and they do get a lot of requests but try to play as much as they can . I always feel safe there,people are friendly. It is nice to go outside and smoke and met people.The door staff are friendly. There are a few stairs to go up,nothing huge.Been to clubs with more stairs. Is ideal for a metal club!
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Ive been going to the 'Keller' for about 3 years on and off..
Its a great venue if you like to hear music that isn't the norm, isn't played on radio 1 and isn't liked by the masses!
You can request whatever you want but don't expect it to be played, they tend to play the same songs with a few variations here and there. But by all means don't let that fool you, its a friendly, loud atmosphere with and awesome sense of safety (not in danger of fights and trouble in general).
Yes its dingy, yes the toilets are a bit pants and it can get quite messy by the end of the night but in a strange way that's how we like it, rough around the edges!!
I will say that the people in attendance has changed from the social outcasts to a more 'common' crowd (as bands like paramore and bullet for my valentine become mainstream), lending a slightly tense atmosphere sometimes when you get a bunch of drunk students on the dancefloor at the same time as rowdy metalheads and they are playing something really heavy!
but apart from that its pretty good!
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Reviewer ScarletRise
oops forgot to change the stars!
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Reviewer ScarletRise
One of the most amazing clubs I've ever been to :)

You are guaranteed a night that's fight free, where you aren't going to get groped by sleazy blokes when you walk past, good music, awesome people, cheap booze :) it's all good :)

If you like heavy metal the night to go is PHUCT on a Friday 9-3 :) The DJs are lovely, they listen to what you want to be played, the bouncers are cheeky but you know you're in good hands with them!

The people are accepting of any and everyone! no matter your size, race, how you dress etc no-one is going to judge you, we love everyone! Never any fights either, because its like a little community and we all know eachother!

Booze isn't much but its well priced, free shot with every drink (unless you make it a double) £3 a drink odd is pretty damn good i think! And decor isnt much to shout about either but we have a little dingy cave look going on and it suits us :)

Anywho, as you can see I love it, i've been going there years and will do as long as I can :) so if you arent stuck up and snobby, you love metal, cool people and an amazing atmosphere then get your butts down there and come say hi :)
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Reviewer qwert1
The biggest pile of sh*te I have ever had the mis-fortune to go to for a night out. Had some friends from around the country down for the weekend & I was left extremely embarrassed having taken them to this stinky, cheap, pi*s poor beer hell hole of a place. Never again even if it was the last pub on planet earth!!
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Reviewer SadieStar
You walk in through the doors and climb up a massive flight of stairs, which you know you are going to fall down at the end of the night after one too many of the free shots they supply with every drink.

As you enter there are 2 bars, tables and chairs and unfortunately a small dancefloor, which gets too crowded at times.

The DJ is on the stage and occasionally, the massive dancing cage is around, as well as poles to show off your skills!!

Each clubber gets a request sheet, where you write down 5 songs and if handed in early enough, they will get played.

The whole decor of the club is not amazing, and I have been to better, It is just a basic layout with blue walls and a wooden floor. A few lights here and there, massive speakers and a smoke machine.

Not to mention broken toilet doors etc. There are also pool tables, game machines and a cloakroom.

Unfortuantely this club does not come with its own smoking area, just go out of teh club and smoke on the street, but you get stamped so you do not have to pay again. What gets these stars is the awesome music for you heavy metallers, drink offers, people and the general atmosphere.
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phuct on friday nights is one of the ultimate nights to go wild after a week in the office! a free shot with every drink, what more could you want eh!!
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