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Reviewer faithharrison
I was totally blown away by this movie, the special effects were second to none and I got goosebumps when I saw the 'floating mountains' just amazing. I got lost in which parts of the film were real and which parts were CGI, this is a must-see!
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Reviewer smokin999uk
I agree completely with this review. Avatar is visually stunning, there are some truly jaw dropping and beautiful scenes, the likes of which I've never seen before.
There are some flaws obviously. The dialogue at times is a bit basic but given its often delivered by Marines we shouldn't expect Phd level language!

Also, given that its such a long film, it doesn't take enough time to set the scene. This would help viewers understand more about Jake Sully's situation. I would have preferred more of that and replaced some of the long-winded tree-hugging scenes in the middle of the film which do drag a little.
The final scenes are worth waiting for though. The battle scenes are extraordinary as the giant machines operated by the humans do battle with all the species living on Pandora.

So overall I've given it 5 stars which I think any film deserves when my first thought coming out of the cinema is when am I going to see it again!
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