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31 May 2009
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Can I take a board?

Posts. 44
Joined. 02/09/2008
12/05/2009 @ 14:03
Heading along to the boardmasters fest with some friends and wondered if we can use our own boards at the show? It all looks like demos, but can I get a go on the skateboard ramps?

Posts. 7
Joined. 11/09/2008
12/05/2009 @ 14:12
Absolutelo!! There are some ramps which you can try out! Also the sea is a free to all if you're into surfing. They might be funny about helmets and stuff though, so make sure you've got all the kit

Posts. 44
Joined. 02/09/2008
12/05/2009 @ 14:13
flame on! cheers :D

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