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Review byLucy Duggan28/10/2008
This is undoubtedly one of Bristol’s coolest little watering-holes and a prerequisite for anyone who wants to penetrate the heart of Bristol’s alternative scene.

The Venue
Cosie’s Wine Bar is located in the cellar of one of the gorgeous Georgian buildings that fringe Portland Square. Although this is literally a couple of hundred feet from the towering heights of the Cabot Circus development, in this leafy, green square, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were a long way from the centre of the city.

Once you’ve descended the external staircase and passed two alcove seating areas you will enter the wine bar and be presented with the reason this bar takes its name. With low, brick vaulted ceilings, flagstone flooring and dark wood church-pew seats throughout, the ambience is so intimate and relaxed it’s almost like a secret haven.

The People
By day this is very much the domain of local office workers on meetings or breaks, but by night it is a different story. Cosie's has the body of a bar and the soul of a nightclub.

Whether it's dub, reggae, electro beats or more eclectic forms of disco, the turntables are always graced by the best local talent, and although there’s barely room to swing a cat, the intense acoustics of this underground grotto always get people up and on their feet bopping away into the wee hours.

The bar staff are sometimes a bit aloof in their manner, but it’s forgivable as, overall, you get good service.

The Food
The food here is absolute quality and their highly qualified chef really brings a lot of love and experience into the food at Cosie’s. There is always something new to try with regularly changing specials available.

Many of the ingredients are locally sourced and, in spite of the fact that they taste delectably expensive, the dishes are affordable. The Ballantine of poached chicken stuffed with brie on a bed of sundried tomatoes with a tarragon and wine sauce costs only £7.95, and is of a standard whereby a restaurant could charge twice the amount.

The Drink
As it’s a wine bar the emphasis in this place is unsurprisingly on wine. They have an impressive range from around the world, costing from £2.60 a glass and £9.50 a bottle.

They also do draughts including Kronenbourg, San Miguel, Fosters or Guinness; expect to pay around £2.90 a pint. Ale lovers are also catered for with ever-changing casks in stock. Also available are the usual spirits and soft drinks you would expect a licenced establishment to have on offer.

The Last Word
This place is a top destination for food in the afternoon, but really comes into its own as a night-venue. Its unique vibe and brilliant music make it a consistently good after dark destination.

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