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Mud Dock Cafe is a quirky restaurant that doesn’t just offer good quality food, well-priced drinks and a stylish place to enjoy them in but they also sell everything to do with cycling.

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Reviewer crustacean
The star ratings on this site are a bit weird. 3* is 'Average' then 4* goes straight to 'Very Good' No chance to rate 'Good'. Now, this place is not 'Very Good.' But it is 'Good' so make that 3.5*

I had dinner here about 15 months ago. Since the poor reviews in the past, there may have been an effort to improve the standards of service or simply a change of manager to one who puts the customers' satisfaction ahead of some corporate m.o. because the staff serving us were perfectly friendly and accommodating in that amateur British way that waiting staff have here - even if the actual person is not British.

We swapped from one outdoor table to another. Then we moved inside because the cold was getting to us. All this was handled without any lip-curling or sarkieness but smiles.

The food was evidently unmemorable because I can't. But then, I would have remembered if it had been less then 'average'. I do seem to remember that we may have had a bit of a wait for our meals to be served - that reflects on the kitchen, not the waiting staff.

I'm going again tomorrow as my friend wants to lunch al fresco if it's a nice day. I'll try to remember to report on that
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Reviewer Josephine1955
Really don't understand all this griping about rude staff (see below) - I've always been treated very well when I've been here. Ok, the waiters/waitresses are more efficient than friendly, but I'm not keen on over attentive dining staff anyway. Don't know why people are so precious these days! If it's great, informal, and reasonably priced food you're after, Mud Dock is certainly worth a visit. Fine selection of fresh fish and locally sourced produce, and decent beer to go with it. Proud to have somewhere like this in the West Country - then again, as a bit of a foody and a keen cyclist, I was always going to like this place. Thumbs up!
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Reviewer CJ1978
Great place and could easily be amazing but as indicated below sum of the staff are not efficient or friendly. The place was only half full all we wanted was a light bite. We were refused a menu item and when questioned the manager (or head barman) blanked me and walked away. Disgusted. I will not be going back unless I notice a new management chain has arrived.
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Reviewer SamBingham
The atmosphere on the weekend was great. Really buzzing. The service wasn't overly friendly, but on the whole very efficient. Food was exceptional and the balcony, aided by the weather, was a great place to enjoy a fantastic homemade burger and beer. I will definitely be coming back.
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Reviewer Louis2010
A unique cafe with a really relaxing vibe. They do this 'lunch for under a fiver' deal, which I get most weekdays - Mud Dock is just a short walk from the office in Queens Square and the deal even includes a drink! Would recommend this to anyone interested in a quick, informal, and very well priced lunch.
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Reviewer Mike F
A group of us went to the Mud Dock last night and all had a thoroughly good time and an excellent meal which was value for money.
I think between us we must have tried most things on offer and could not fault the food or the service.
We all agreed we would certainly go again.
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Reviewer bowen73
Why doesn’t this place train its staff to be nice, congenial and professional?

The reviews of this place are saturated with dodgy experiences and yet people are drawn like blind moths to the pedestrian concept of a Bike shop café

Style over content in many ways although the odd dish comesout fresh and at times flavoursome.

I went in early on Saturday once and asked if they served breakfast.Shrug of shoulders. .'What do you want?"Eeerrr . . .what have you got in way of breakfasts. .'What do you want? (Avoiding eye contact)

Do you do scrambled eggs and bacon Sir? (Dickens style)'Yeah we can do that'. . Etc. saunters off. You get the picture. . madness and quite

Like an HQ for Nathan Barley types.Tis pity though, could be an earthy centre for communities and creativity but it's an overpriced Shed for tight pants and bad waiting staff . . .no I don’t work for any rivals.
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Reviewer petersinclair
Yes, having read the other comments about service at the Mud Dock, there does seem to be an issue.

The staff appear to have been trained/told to do things a certain way, regardless of customer wishes, the current situation and common sense.

The food isn’t amazing value, small portions, excellent but you do a second take when the plate arrives on the table.

Given the amount paid for food/drinks I really don’t expect when sitting on a warm terrace in the sunshine, relaxing after a nice meal, to be told when trying to get coffee, “you must go to the bar”.

There were a lot of staff hanging about doing little, really, that’s not just hubris or an off the cuff piece of hyperbole there were staff doing little.

Frankly given the level of service and the portion sizes, despite the location I would suggest better can be had elsewhere.

Pity a small tweak to the operation would make a wonderful place to go, as it is, it isn’t. Oh, and they put 10% service on the bill, cheek or what???
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Reviewer Chris-tt
We have been to Mud Dock plenty of times before, and in the past have had good experiences.

Before I would always recommend this venue to friends and family. Yesterday we had family down, so decided to take them to Mud Dock for a meal and a few drinks.

We noticed that none of the tables were big enough for our group, so proceeded to move 2 tables closer together.

Immediately a blonde Polish waitress appeared and started shouting at us, telling us to “Move the tables back ‘Now!’”, and “never ‘ever’ move tables closer together!”

I was pretty gob smacked, and almost couldn’t believe she was being serious, as I’ve not been spoken to in such a manor for many years.

In-fact the last time I was spoken to like this was when I was given detention at school.

We explained that the tables were out of the way, and that our group wanted to sit together.

She just reiterated what she said shouting at us as if we had just done something illegal. Needless to say we all left with a very sour taste in our mouths, and are very unlikely to return again.

Mud Dock’s customer service has obviously drastically gone down hill in recent months.

Thanks to her attitude she lost Mud Dock our custom and I advice everyone to give this venue a miss until they train staff the fine art of customer service.
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Reviewer Anonymous
I love coming here as they really do cater for people who like biking around Bristol. The food is great and the drinks are well priced and refreshing after a long old bike ride.
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