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287 Church Road,

(0117) 955 5668

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Cafe Grounded on Church Street is a bustling eatery that serves a range of globally inspired dishes including pizza, pasta and tapas.

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Daily 09:00-21:30
Not Necessary on Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun
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Under £10 per person

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Reviewer PaulGH
Been to cafe grounded numerous occasions trying the menu and came to conclusion that there is a big gap between the quality and price. The service was slow, and food was cold. The cafe was very noises not the place you want to go for quiet bite to eat on a Sunday morning. .. Or any given day.
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Reviewer twostep34
Thought i would give it another chance! As its convenient to my house and child friendly.
How ever I have to say it was the worst food I have ever eaten out.
I ordered macaroni cheese; thinking you cant get this wrong! it s really basic.

I received penne pasta that had been boiled in cream and had a few shavings of parmesan. It had not been baked and had a few cherry tomatoes and a handful of spinach thrown in for good luck.

Unfortunately i was ravenous and could have eaten a hind leg of a scabby donkey; therefore i managed to choke it down.
Now feeling quite nauseous. On a more positive note, the rude staff have disappeared. New staff very pleasant! Pity they didn't change their chef at the same time!
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Reviewer Margareta7
Cafe Grounded is without doubt my favourite place to eat and chill out in Redfield. The food is delicious and the staff is super friendly. I always feel really welcome.
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Reviewer Annabelle77
I have frequented this place once and i found the atmosphere extremely uptight. so I never returned. I did however recently order a take away pizza by phone. The customer service was terrible. When i asked about the wheat free pizza option i was spoken to like a 3 year old child. Patronised to the extent that I certainly will never order again. I do not know where some of the staff get their arrogance from but it certainly is not appropriate or classy the behave like that toward customers. and im sure not good business. The wheat free pizza arrived and was ok..not great..rather hard and cheewy. Not worth £10.25
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Reviewer johnlee
Went to the cafe in Redfield for the first time today for lunch. Unfortunately we did not stay as the first thing we saw on the menu, under the breakfasts was this message: '...we don't pick and mix and we don't mix and pick, and we don't take requests'. If thats supposed to invite people in to be able to eat the food they enjoy then I'm sorry, it didn't work for us, and we walked out. That message came across as patronising and rude - no way to treat potential customers. In this day and age the trend is to serve what customers want or need particularly in light of the many food allergies/intolerances that people endure.
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Reviewer paulhughes
My wife and I stopped for a late breakfast today and was amazed at this place! Brilliant food, very well presented. I agree with the previous message regarding "we don't mix etc" but you need to ignore that and order waht you want. They do a full english etc, it was at the bottom of the chalkboard. We had bacon and eggs on granary toast with a saled with a light dressing. It was lovely. Great atmosphere and I wish i lived closer! I used to live in St George many years ago now live in Andover. The team that run it are Eastern European I think hence there might be some transaltion or interpretaion issues, but ignore that and patronise the establishment. If it was in Andover this place would do a fortune!
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Reviewer lukanio
Fantastic food and service , I think the best choice of home made cakes in bristol highly recomended.
You need to try there pizza

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Reviewer yuminmytum
There really isn't any competition for Cafe Grounded on Church Road. It's the only place worth visting in the evening for delicious food and good drinks.

Having said that, even if Church road was teeming with alternatives, Grounded would still be a great place to spend the evening. Worth every one of its 5 stars!
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Reviewer Team Leonard
Perfect at any time of day, and a welcome alternative to the various greasy spoons and pubs in redfield.

Grounded is a lovely cosy place, right near the park, where they do a good unpretentious range of fair trade, natural, free range, home made and organic products.

Great atmosphere and friendly staff, and lovely food - notably the cakes and the pizzas, which are as good as Pizza Express, or better.

It has a garden, comfy sofas, newspapers and that sort of thing.
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Reviewer beroy
We love grounded - it takes five minutes to walk there from our house!

Staff are friendly and the food is good. Nice range of pizzas, salads and specials.

Good coffee and nice booze.
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Reviewer Parsnips
I agree. When grounded opened up on Church Road it was very welcome!

The food is lovely both in the day and in the evening and they provide a nice relaxed atmosphere to catch up with friends over a cup of tea or a glass of wine!
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