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The Essential Guide to Bristol
31 May 2009
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Hello, I'm lazybones

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I Like
avoiding anything productive, spending money on things i'll never use, going on random adventures with my friends.
lying to myself that i'll join the gym one day, giving up on fad diets, sketching, hanging with my buds.
Films and Music
i know its not a film but i'm a massive fan of spaced, i feel as if i am daisy steiner! so naturally i'm a fan of the films hotfuzz and shaun of the dead. also really like raising arizona, young frankenstein, halloween and 10 things i hate about you.

mmmmmm music? i maynot know much but when i hear something i know what i like.
this is the most work i've put into something for a long time....really

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Bristol Rugby
28/10/2008 @ 12:16
Have the ruck! and also dont worry about not knowing about the rugby side- Bath are the only team down this way!
I want to
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Inn On The Green
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