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Valentines Day at Bristol Clubs

Posted by: kimsanders 13/01/2009 @ 15:15
Subject: Clubs

Single? Dreading Valentines Day and the inevitable empty doormat? Don't worry, because this year it falls on a Saturday, which is without doubt the biggest clubbing night of the week. So, instead of sitting at home wondering why Cupid has stubbornly refused to strike, why not spend this Valentines Day at Bristol clubs? Sitting at home with an empty sofa is just too depressing.

One event that's sure to make you smile is the Big Green Valentines Ball at the Trinty Community Arts. There's music from Love Grocer, Mordekkers and The John E Vistic Experience as well as DJs, cabaret and prizes. Dressing up is optional (believe me, you'll look out of place if you don't). It's in aid of the Big Green Gathering. It's going to be a big one (it goes on till 4am), and there should be a loved-up atmosphere as well as some outlandish outfits. Tickets cost £10 and are available on the door.

For something less hippy and a bit more saucy you could head over to The Warehouse. No doubt lots of singles will also be spending Valentines Day at Bristol clubs, so you'll be in good company, and 14th February marks the first Brazilian Beatz party of the new year. If you've been before you'll know that the club can get quite sultry and sexy as the walls reverberate with Latin sounds. Or you could head to Oceana. OK, OK, it's slightly too cheesy for romance but at least you know what everyone's there for. And let's be honest, no one is there for the music, no one is there for interesting conversation - the only reason to go to Oceana is to stalk around each of its wonderfully elaborate rooms and seek out potential flirt fodder. I imagine that on Valentines Day Bristol clubs like Oceana will be filled with packs of boys and girls eagerly searching for a bit of romance, and the 'on the pull vibe' may be infectious. You have been warned.

If, however, you can't console yourself with the fact that Cupid hasn't found your one true love, and the thought of spending Valentines Day at Bristol clubs dodging unwanted advances is too depressing, then cheer yourself and head to the comedy clubs for a laugh. The likes of Candian comic Sean Collins will no doubt have a few quips about Valentines Day. He's on at the Comedy Box, which is held at Hen and Chicken. Or you could head to Jesters or Jongleurs, both of which have acts on over the Valentines weekend. I've already booked my tickets.

And the lucky and loved-up, well you can go wherever you like, you could even spend Valentines Day at Bristol clubs in the blissful knowledge that you won't have to take part in the weird rituals being conducted on the dancefloor. Ah, lucky you.


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