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Valentines Day at Bristol Restaurants

Posted by: kimsanders 08/01/2009 @ 13:08
Subject: Restaurants

It's that time of year again fellas, the time when Cupid has polished his bow and is ready to strike.
Unfortunately it seems all Cupid does is strike fear, not love, into the hearts of Lotharios. Maybe they get nervous of making a mistake (I'm hoping this is the reason) and put off planning anything in the hope their girlfriends, wives, or even fiancees (are you mad?) magically forget it's happening. I can tell you now, they won't. So, if you’re planning on spending Valentines Day at Bristol restaurants, it’s time to start making notes and picking up the phone.

Of course, I'm writing about a stereotypical male, but I guess if you're reading this blog you probably fit the stereotype, otherwise you'll have your display of affection already planned and won't need my advice on where the best events are happening when it comes to Valentines Day at Bristol restaurants. But, if you are running around in a panic wondering what to do, where to go and, given the current economic crisis, if you can afford it, then let me help you. There may be lots of talk about the credit crunch at the moment but rather refreshingly that means that when it comes to Valentines Day at Bristol restaurants, they’re pulling out all the stops.

Valentines Day falls on a Saturday this year so you have no reason to avoid it, but you'll need to book up early because when it comes to romance, table bookings wait for no man. As for where to go, well, if you fancy eating out there are plenty of special menus for Valentines Day at Bristol restaurants ranging from cheap and cheerful to grand romantic gestures.

It seems the Italians, renowned for their seductive ways, have pulled out all the stops for 14th February. For example Bella Italia is offering three courses for £29.95, it may be a chain restaurant but you won’t rule it out especially when there’s a slinky cocktail on offer to help oil the wheels of romance. If money is no object, San Carlo is offering a meal that will set your partner’s heart all aflutter. It costs £43, but in amongst the four courses are some delightful treats including caviar, champagne sorbet, rack of lamb and an Italian dessert.

Casamia is also offering a blow-out meal which is a taster of all their usual offerings, served up over seven or eight courses.
Bistro La Barrique is always busy on Valentines Day and this year will be no exception. Although they don't offer a special menu they usually have chocolates and champagne for loved-up couples.

If money is a concern it shouldn't be a reason not to spend Valentines Day at Bristol restaurants.  And ordering your partner's favourite takeaway doesn't count as a romantic meal, ever. No, instead you can limit your spending but not your gesture by heading to Cafe Rouge which is offering three courses for £24.95.

Of course there are places which are romantic all year round, so if there's nothing here that takes your fancy have a look at our Recommended Romantic Restaurants for more ideas. And if you’re a woman planning Valentines Day, good on you, it is the Noughties after all. If he’s made no effort though, be warned. By the end of the meal you may wish Cupid had aimed a little higher.


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