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27 September 2009
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Drinking Districts of Bristol

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Joined. 09/07/2009
09/07/2009 @ 22:15
Hello All,

I am due to be in Bristol in a few weeks for Stag weekend that I am sorting out as best man.

Problem: I’ve only ever been out in Bristol once before and that was on a Company do… Therefore I am really in the dark about the different districts and what they stand for….

I believe I’ve heard of Clifton, East End?, City Centre……

If anyone can offer some guidance it would be great. Current thinking is Friday night somewhere more sophisticated, when we’ll be smartly dressed and well behaved. Then Saturday, I guess more commercial as there will be a large group of us and the stag will probably be wearing a stupid outfit…..

Looking forward to it though, heard lot of good report about Bristol!!


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Joined. 10/07/2009
10/07/2009 @ 13:33
For you, probably start at the top of the hill (Clifton) and work your way down to the docks bars and clubs.

Clifton = fairly posh or studenty, depending on where you are.
Cliftonwood = like Clifton
Redland = student central
Cotham = studenty, more pubs, more of a mix
Stokes Croft = between Cotham and town centre, plenty pubs and a couple of clubs, bit shabby.
Kingswood = student/residential, Highbury Vaults good pub
St. Pauls = multi ethnic, lively, can be fun but be a bit worldly wise about things.
Old Market = bit tatty, a few okay pubs
Broadmead/Cabot Circus = city centre, pubs tend to be trashy, chain night clubs
Docks = Fri/Sat night = endless pale thighs and underdressed girls, lots of 'lads', big chain boozers (Lloyds No 1 etc) "Leave it Darren, 'ees not wurf it..." etc.
Bedminster = limping, gurning, inbred peasant half-wits
Hartcliffe, Southmead = violent council estates
Park Street, Whiteladies Road, Blackboy Hill = diffrent names for the same 2 mile hill, the main student drag and full of pubs, clubs, restaurants

There are a lot of floating boozers, like the Apple and the Grain Barge, definitely worth a look.

For you, probably start at the top of the hill (Clifton) and work your way down to the docks bars and clubs.
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Joined. 09/07/2009
15/07/2009 @ 13:44

Thanks for the reply, very useful. Just one quick question; is the Docks considered to be the same as the Habourside?

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