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The Aussies are beatable

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Joined. 04/09/2008
30/10/2008 @ 10:58
Im getting very excited watching the Indian side give Australia a good spanking in the test series thats going on at the moment! and its raising my hopes that we can win the Ashes next summer! they are most certainly a beatable team, and whats most obvious is that once a player gets in they are really struggling to bowl them out! the only problem is that we have to go to India next!
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Joined. 07/08/2008
05/11/2008 @ 11:51
Ofcourse we can smash those arrogant losers! the aussies are not half as good as they think they are and Pietersen is the man!
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07/11/2008 @ 14:30
but they do have that annoying habit of being much better than us at everything. and also wanting to win more than us. and watch us cry, aussies seem to get off on watching us cry. alot.
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