St Georges Bristol

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Great George Street,
Off Park Street,

(0117) 929 4929

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St Georges Bristol
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Reviewer acidtrash
I left after four songs. If given a choice of listening to that or some Vietnamese people being tortured with a blowtorch, I go with the latter every time.

Unfortunately I got the tickets for free from an investment bank sponsor so I cannot demand a refund, but I will be submitting expenses to them for the refund of the £2.50 parking charge.

It was an amateurish din, completely lacking in production quality, but even some forethought in that regard would still not have made up for the glaring lack of talent.

The musicians sounded like an unrehearsed pub band and the tuneless hollering would not have sounded out of place at a down-market karaoke bar, but with less interesting attire.

A score of five dead horses. Whoever said that the best things in life are free, was never given a ticket to one of this woman’s shows. Comes as no surprise whatsoever that the Cliftonite reception was rapturous. Emperors new clothes anybody?

Definately the low point of the entertainment year; a show that has put me off any kind of "caberet" for a long time to come.
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Reviewer Anonymous
I took my daughter here to see one of the orchestras and she was blown away, it was magical.
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