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615 Fishponds Road,
BS16 3BA

(0117) 965 5343

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Reviewer Nomenoyou
One of the best meals in a long time did as groupon said rang up and booked we were asked if we would mind coming during the week for doing so we had foc poppadoms go on try it if you like a hot one go for the lamb jalfrezi
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Reviewer Toby2310
Just so everybody knows the below user was very drunk at the time of visiting the bhujon and very rude to the lovely waiters.

Everything he has said was because he couldn't change his red wine to beer to feed his addiction.

His portions were small because he dropped most of it on his lap for the staff to clean up.

His wife was so embarrassed of her drunk husband, I guess if we all listened to rude people like this we wouldn't go anywhere.

Its the best curry in Bristol.

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Reviewer Sandokan
In a word: disappointed. First, we were left feeling unwelcome as soon as we walked in the door because we asked to use one of the Groupon deals. After a brief theatrical performance, the host managed somehow to find us a table in his less than half full establishment.

Upon ordering, things went from bad to worse. We were asked to hurry up during ordering, so we weren't holding a table for others. My £5.80 appetizer consisted of ONE prawn, fried in overused oil, with no flavour whatsoever. My date's appetizer amounted to little more than spicy meat flavoured chewing gum.

Between both of our main dishes, I counted 5 pieces of meat, each one only the size of a forkful. Furthermore, the side dish of rice was pitifully small and devoid of flavour.

Not surprisingly, none of the staff asked our opinions or even if the meal was alright - no doubt due to their shame.

It should be noted that after living for six months in India, I can personally say that there was nothing about this dining experience that represents such a proud and vibrant country.
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Reviewer Biker402
I'm not sure what restaurant this reviewer is reviewing but it certainly isn't the Bhujon. I have been a regular visitor to this restaurant over many years - the food is always freshly prepared and piping hot. It is always very tasty and the portions more than adequate. The service is always extremely good !!
I can only assume that this reviewer was so p*ssed he didn't realise he was actually in the KFC establishment a bit further up the road sampling some of their haute cuisine!
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Reviewer penang
This is a 5 star eating experience - the best indian meal in the south west! - and most likely beyond. The service is exceptionally friendly and the menu is wide ranging. All the dishes are obviously freshly prepared to order and fine tuned to individual taste if requested. It is difficult to pick what to recommend from such an outstanding menu however, I can recommend the Chicken Tikka Korai, Chicken Tikka pathia and the North indian special. The environment is very comfortable, modern and nearby parking is not difficult. Recently there was a singer performing whose performance contributed greatly to a brilliant night. This I understand will be the case once a month and I can genuinely recommend you book for this.
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Reviewer Pyronaught
Excellent restaurant offering a wide selection of dishes from the very mild (Korma etc.) to the dangerously hot Phall! We have been here several times and have never been disappointed.

All dishes are expertly prepared while you wait and arrive piping hot in individual stainless steel dishes - which are placed on warming plates to keep them hot whilst at the table.

The poppadoms are crisp and non oily, meat (particularly chicken which is what I normally opt for) is plentiful and tender and all other dishes are full of flavour and colour.The sweet selection is also good with traditional Indian ice cream (Kulfi) included on the list!

Good wine selection and a well stocked bar will compliment any meal.Decor is simple black and white - giving a spacious yet cosy feel to the place.

It doesn't matter if you are the only diners - you can relax and enjoy your meal without any hint of being rushed or watched over.

That is not to say that the staff are not attentive to your needs however!All in all, I can thoroughly recommend the Bhujon - as can my parents and my children (6,9 and 11)
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