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The Pavilion,
Triangle West,

(0117) 9340 999

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Cosmo is a modern and stylish pan Asian buffet restaurant which can be found at Triangle West in Clifton. On offer is a traditional selection of dishes including dim sum, teppanyaki and sushi.

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Opening Hours
Mon-Thu 12:00-15:00 & 17:30-22:30
Fri-Sat 12:00-15:00 & 17:30-23:00
Sun 12:00-22:30
Food Times
Mon-Thu 12:00-14:30 & 17:30-22:00
Fri-Sat 12:00-14:30 & 17:30-22:30
Sun 12:00-22:00
Advisable on Fri, Sat
Not Necessary on Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Sun
Avg Food Spend
£10 - £20 per person
Drink Info
Beer from £2.90 per bottle
Wine from £11.00 per bottle
Children welcome - any time

High Chairs, Baby Changing Facilities
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Disabled Facilities
Wheelchair Access, Disabled Toilets

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I do not understand why there are so many negative reviews. I went there March 2014 and since I can't eat gluten or dairy was impressed by their positive approach - they handed me lists of what I could eat, and helped me find it. This included gluten free prawn crackers and rice pancakes with roast duck. Less choice on dessert, but that's typical. Toilets were clean despite it being late lunch time. I agree the floors had got a bit sticky late in the day.
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Reviewer Reviewer1101_
It was my 21st last weekend, and to celebrate I took a group of friends to Cosmo with me. First, I did eventually get through to book a table, but when I actually got through the staff member on the phone told us we were all booked on my birthday. I then changed the date to later, and upon arrival found that the whole place was filled with people and our table was occupied by a family. I asked the staff whether they could move them or if we could be seated elsewhere, but he rudely insulted me and after about ten minutes of complaining took us to a small filthy table which could hardly seat all of us. We had to all squeeze in uncomfortably. Second, when we tried to get food we were shoved aside very often. When we finally got food it was barely lukewarm and to my disgust, about halfway through my meal I found a large fly squashed underneath. My friends meat was not cooked completely, almost raw. I tried not to complain about this as I didn't want to ruin my birthday completely. All of us skipped dessert fortunately as though it looked appetizing I felt it would be as sickening as the main. One of my friends went to use the loo and when she emerged she told us that there were feces smeared on the doors and dried blood on the seat. We complained only to hear swearwords hurtled at us and being rudely shoved out of the door without a refund. I would definitely not recommend you visit this place, the staff are hostile and tempered and the hygiene is terrible. You can barely book a table and I didn't even mention the noise. I hope they get shut down soon, especially looking at the other reviews.
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Reviewer georgelai9898
Went there just before they closed for a refurbishment, so we were told!
The staff was miserable and food was cold, salty and not much choice to choose from. Eat fresh as they call themselves, its a joke I queued for 15 minutes and was told I could have 2 pieces of the food and had to come back, which the queue was 15-20 minutes long as they only grill 1 portion each time, then we were told we had to leave as we have been there almost one hour and fifteen minutes!
We complained and then was told "we are closing for a refurbishment next week so the we haven't got much food left and some staff has left"
Best to avoid and choose elsewhere in Bristol.
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Reviewer davie1
Good food,no atmosphere and they need to sack there cleaners.
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Reviewer JAINE000
Cosmo is a no frills ''get them in and get them out'' restaurant where the back of the place feels like a school dinner hall ! Basic, noisy, cheap tables and chairs set in rows to maximise space. Staff were okay, just looked aloof and not particularly friendly ! I never used tho toilets so I cannot comment.
Good choice of food, something for every palette I am sure, just a pity it wasn't hot ! Some foods only lukewarm which I found off putting. Not a relaxed dining experience, more a chaotic 'grab and eat' with no opportunity to talk to the other 9 members of our party as we couldn't hear eachother above the din !
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Reviewer sow
good food with a lot variety.....but to see worlds rudest people...go to cosmo....staffs are very rude and non polite....other thing to avoid is the toilet...most disgusting toilet....pls pls clean it!!!
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Reviewer Sammieolivia
Have been twice this month for birthday celebrations. Was amazed by the variety of food which tasted superb. All fresh and authentic. The grill was fab, fillet steak, king prawns, scallops. Dumplings were lovely and the dishes themselves all really tasty. You cant beat this for an all you can eat place, beats the others with the dried up western food hands down. I didnt expect great service from the reviews (but hey its an all you can eat place so you serve yourself anyway) , but this was good too, didnt feel rushed either visit and am taking the little one for lunch. This however, is a restaurant that doesn't frown upon children at all so they can visit in the evenings too - great stuff!
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Reviewer Chrisk123
It's such a shame that the staff here are so surly and rude. The food, for a buffet, is not that bad but each time we have been there has been some sort of incident. Not wishing to go into specifics, I'm afraid I won't be going back due to the attitude of the people working here. It is set up as a cash cow, and not a caring and enjoyable place to eat.
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good points :

Its good for the price.

plenty of choices.

food always topped up.

bad points:

toilets are nasty.

staff are rude.

and no one likes to answer the phone to take a booking and when they do they dont understand you.

you cant always get served at the table so u have to keep going to the bar.

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Reviewer shocked
Cosmo bristol - avoid at all costs! The most awful place I have ever eaten. I wasn't expecting much for £13ph but I left feeling ripped off. Staff are so rude. I had a registered disabled friend in our party so booked a table near the buffet (went into Cosmo in person and requested this plus paid deposit). When we arrived they put us on the furthest table from the buffet in the whole place, impossible for my disabled friend to get to the food! When I politely explained that we needed to be nearer the buffet and had booked the manager yelled and spat at me! He refused to move us, refused to refund us (as you pay for all the food up front) swore at me in a foreign language (making the other staff laugh) and finally physically elbowed me in the back to get past! My 12 year old son was terribly shocked and my 2 year old daughter was left in tears. Just for the record I'm a woman too! In addition, plates and cuttlery were really dirty, food was all over the floor, table sticky, toilets disgusting, dried blood on loo seat. No staff watching buffet food so people using hands, licking/tasting things and putting back! Disgraceful, place should be closed down. I'm glad we got home with our health. I'd be pretty sure you are risking a serious bout of D&v; by eating at Cosmo by what I've seen, let alone assault!
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Reviewer Johnwholeman
Super Rude staff, Ordered a soft drink which came flat. So requested for another one at the bar. The Lady at the bar didn't understand at first and ignored me and then when i expressed that it was flat she replied. 'Drink not flat, everyone drink it.' Then she topped up my coke and said 'see not flat!' within 1 second the fizz went and she refused a refund. Food wasn't gr8, cold and dry, ALOT of MSG to make u buy more drinks. Also the chefs at the grill only cooks 2 items at a time to make u waste your time and speeds up by cooking 2 peoples orders when he sees the queue has built up over 6 people waiting. Food is normally left out cold until people finish the lot before replacing them.
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Reviewer sharonq
Cosmo is on of the best open buffet restaurants my family and I have attended. The food is always well cooked and if they are fully booked the wait is not too long.
5out-of-5 for me also the staff are very nice.

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Reviewer sharonq
Cosmo is on of the best open buffet restaurants my family and I have attended. The food is always well cooked and if they are fully booked the wait is not too long.
5out-of-5 for me also the staff are very nice.

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Reviewer leyhayl
There is lots of choice for food! Was particularly impressed with the fresh sushi on constant supply - not the best I've ever had but really good on such a big scale. I could have filled up just on that. The chocolate fountain in the dessert section is another big bonus. I don't think the staff are as bad as other reviewers are making out - it is a very busy restaurant and the staff have to cope with huge numbers every day! I found the dim sum section very disappointing and poor quality compared to restaurants that sell only this. This is the essence of Cosmo - the food is simply ok because of the vast quantity they offer but if you want quality then pick a restaurant that specialises in one type of cuisine.
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Reviewer sjam31
Rude staff, you can never make a booking.
Food is ok.
The worst element though, is the incredibly hostile and rude staff.
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Reviewer KTC
Made a group booking for my sons 29th Birthday at Cosmo Bristol and it was not a good experience. The staff kept clearing the table & one male member of staff sleeve kept going in food our food.
We tried to complain but this was overlooked as conveiniently no senior mmember of staff was apparently available.

The final straw was when one member of our group got her dessert, there were fruit flies in there (infact there was fruit flies hovering all around the fresh fruit area). When this was bought to the attention of the staff we were astanded to see them take their finger remove the flies from the dish give it back & asked "where are the flies". We were told if we complained again the police would be called. Therefore we left.

If you are looking for somewhere to eat where the staff are rude, abusive and racist, the food is mediocre, the management prefer to intimidate their customers and not provide them with the service they pay for then go to Cosmo, Bristol.

Would have given them a no star rating, but the site would not let me.
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Reviewer GSomerset
If the food was that bad you should have let them call the Police. We were in this situation somewhere else once, and the police did attend. We agreed through mediations of the police to pay for the wine, whichw as fine, and left. No other repercussions.
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Reviewer td235
I've been a couple of times & the food is ok. I tried booking online for a Thursday night & was told that I can't book a table at half past the hour, only on the hour. How come a buffet restaurant can't cope with a reservation for 7.30 on a Thursday? Then when I phoned to try & adjust the booking the lady on the phone was rude & unhelpful to the extent that we cancelled the booking & went to another Chinese where having diners wasn't such an apparent burden! Very disappointing

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lovely food and nice variety although the desserts aren't great as they all look as though they are just supermarket cakes with spray cream on top of them. the wait is ridicules and trying to get a booking is beyond a joke. The atmosphere is friendly but overcrowded. i would go back but only as a group, as i think its not suitable from couples.
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Reviewer Chris-tt
We recently visited Cosmo and I must say it’s the best buffet I have ever been to.

All of the food tasted like it was freshly prepared to order, it was all piping hot and the staff were constantly running backwards and forwards with new trays of food.

The selection is huge, usually when buffets have such a large selection the quality isn’t as good.

This certainly wasn’t the case here.They also have several stations where chefs will freshly cook your food in-front of you.

I opted to try this for a sirloin steak and a stir fry where I got to choose the ingredients!

The desert area is massive too with a great selection, I’d be surprised if anyone leaves disappointed.

The restaurant sits over 300 people, we went on a Tuesday and rang during the day to book. The earliest they could do was 8:30.

We went along and the restaurant was absolutely full. Word is obviously getting around about how great this place is.
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