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217a Gloucester Road,

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Review byLewis Doe07/10/2009
Excellent service, good drink and brilliant food make Delmonico a great example of modern Italian dining.

The Venue
Delmonico is situated along the rapidly developing Gloucester Road, which is roughly 10 minutes from the town centre. The restaurant is clearly signed and is based on the corner with Sommerville Road.

As you go inside you're struck by the superb crispness of the layout. The entire restaurant has been designed with a contemporary, classic Italian feel that makes you feel at home.

Staff greet you and take you to your seats and immediately offer drinks. All of the tables and chairs have been created using a finished wood effect. Candles on each table, combined with the low lighting, create a relaxed atmosphere.

The People
The general atmosphere is healthy and vibrant. You are given the impression that the restaurant owners know each of their guests and they appreciate the fact that people may be treating themselves after a long and hard working week.

The waiting staff are all knowledgeable about the menu and seem happy to chat about specific dishes. The general clientele to expect is couples and small groups of friends and the tables are relatively small, designed for a maximum of four to six people.

The Food
Prepare yourself for a massive treat if you're passionate about Italian food. All of the Italian classics are included in the current menu and given a contemporary twist. Starters go from £4 and main courses start at around £7.95.

There are a variety of well thought out starters. The recommendation seems to be the parmesan pastry tart, with cheddar cheese, leek and onions, sided by an onion marmalade. This dish creates a flavour sensation in your mouth as the lighter ingredients combine well with a fluffy and light pastry tart that is not too salty. The smoked salmon, cucumber and tomato salad is a much lighter and sweeter alternative.

The main courses on offer are superb. If you really love Italian then try the linguine pasta with an aubergine and olive sauce, cherry tomatoes and parmesan. The pasta is brilliantly light and goes well with the juiciness of the tomatoes and the olive sauce. The parmesan provides a strong smash of flavour that holds the whole dish together. This dish is fantastic for only £7.95.

To finish the meal offer consider sticky toffee pudding with a butterscotch sauce. Your decision will probably rest on the heaviness of your meal so far but desserts are filling and superb.

The Drink
There is a huge list of cocktails on offer with a common margarita costing you just over £5. You can expect some real high quality red wine at Delmonico with a good standard bottle of Bordeaux costing you around £25.

For those without a fine wine palate the restaurant also serves up Italy’s favourite beer, Peroni, for around £2.95 a bottle, which may seem expensive but is the going rate for a restaurant of this kind.

The restaurant also serves local ales from near by Bath for £3.50 a pint. Gem Bitter is a restaurant favourite due to its deep and full texture that complements the lighter dishes in the restaurant well.

The Last Word
Delmonico offers an authentic taste of Italian dining with a modern twist. You can expect to pay a fair amount of money but the experience more than justifies the amount you spend.
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