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Nelson House,
Nelson Street,

(0117) 945 0505

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Shanghai Nights is stylish Chinese restaurant which serves a fine menu of authentic delights.

For those who are really hungry try the endless buffet where you order dishes straight from the menu, but make sure your eyes aren't bigger than your belly because you have to finish each dish before you order the next.

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Daily 12:00-22:00
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Reviewer mtste
DONT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS PLACE!!!!!!!! They charge £1 for TAP WATER!!! and when we questioned it and asked to speak to the manager, there was nobody. Very poor customer service!!!
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Reviewer syated
Been coming to this restaurant for a long long time, since it was called Fuschia.They have drastically changed the set-up due to the service complaints. Now the food is set up on a horrible hot stand (like you find in a factory canteen) and you simply serve yourself. The major problem for me is that before you could come here and try new and different items that were not readily available at other Bristol establishments but now you get the same old stuff and all the dim sum etc is now at extra charge. I used to bring so many friends and family members here but will now have to go elsewhere due to this change. Have spoken to many people who used to come here and now don't due to this change. CHANGE IT BACK, don't be just ANOTHER CHINESE in Bristol be DIFFERENT like you were before!!!SUCH A SHAME!!!
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Reviewer gbalele
Absolutely awful!!! The time when I went to Shanghai Night they actually charged me for tap water at the price of 1 pound!!! So that they can forced customers to spend money on drinks. Terrible place!!! The foods also wasn't great! If I were you, I would definitely go for Mayflower Chinese Restaurant near by which serves authentic Chinese food and provide a much better service!
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Reviewer georgelai9898
I have been a regular customer here for a while now, dim sum probably the best locally, service isn't though, slow and could do with more attention to their customers, but having been there recently I have noticed some improvements.
Buffet food all set out so waiting for the food and someone to take your order isn't a worry anymore with lots of food set out, all good to me and its cheaper!
The only problem is you cant choose the cooked buffet as many times as you like, as they have restricted you to 2 dishes only from the menu, but what the heck, there is enough food out there to fill my belly!
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Reviewer tombmore
I don't know why you're posing as a normal reviewer. I happen to know that this guy is the manager.
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Reviewer lindsaygii
As with so many other reviewers I found the service so slow and patchy as to be insulting. When you spend half your time trying to get service, it really takes away from the attention you are all able to pay to each other. In other words, it ruins the night. Some dishes were good, but no food on earth is good enough to make up for being ignored all night. There is plenty of good Chinese food in Bristol, so eat elsewhere.
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Reviewer KarenMoore
Dreadful! We had booked this restaurant to celebrate our daughters graduation on the 19th July 2011. Our table was booked from mid June but on arrival the staff didn't seem to be expecting us. Eventually a table was allocated. The lack of waiting staff was dreadful and even at the start of our meal we were having to wave our hands in the air for service. The menu was extensive, starters eventually came and were 'alright'. Meal order came in patches. Do not order the crispy beef---no beef, just crispy fat which tasted stale. Noodles and 3 main meals arrived for nine people therefore the idea of a buffet, order 3 main meals per person is a nonsense-they don't have the staff to deliver. When I became cross 7 portions of fried rice arrived-no meat dishes to eat with it.....! After travelling to the graduation and having guests from Northern and Southern Ireland we were less than impressed. We ended up leaving feeling very let down, disappointed and annoyed. A totally spoiled evening. A big thumbs down for the management of the establishment. When I asked to speak to a manager, none were available. No surprise there then. Disaster and not to be recommended.
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Reviewer babyg
My husband and I have visited this restaurant many times, each of which we leave wondering why we made the journey and paid good money to be basically ignored by the waiting staff.
The food is with out a doubt good. However, the last 2 times we visited we did not get our drinks until the first lot of food came out. They bring dishes out separately, to the point of we had paid the bill and a dish we had ordered that had not come out earlier was brought to the table.

Although we do like the food, the staff make you feel uncomfortable, unwelcome and like you are an inconvenience.

If you enjoy a relaxing atmosphere I would stay well away, as another review mentioned you enjoy being treated like a school child then make a reservation.

Worst service ever experienced, we have now sacrificed the nice food as feel the whole place are not worthy of hard earned money to sit and be ignored...

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Reviewer BAE
Very bad service!

The food quality was bad and the fizzy drink was diluted.

Worst restaurant I have ever been to in Bristol!!
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Reviewer Johnwholeman
Food and Staff service was just average at best. Tho still better than eating at Cosmo. Limited items can be ordered at once but plenty to fill your bellies with a each portions are quite big to shop you from ordering too much as the policy of unfinished food will be charged.
Where possible the restaurant will want to stuff you with rice and noodles to quickly fill you up on their buffets.

You must order at least 1 drink along with your meal.

Not as cheap as you think.
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The food is fabulous lots to choose from,staff our extremely friendly and always make you feel welcome,ambience is very relaxing one of our favourite Resturants .
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Reviewer diner1
The food is average, occasionally good. However the standard of service is shocking. The waiting staff have way more to do than they can cope with, dishes are frequently forgotten or arrive cold. The staff rarely smile, and in some cases are actively hostile! In one situation a friend arrived towards the end of the meal and was told that he was not allowed to join us at the table for a glass of wine and had to sit at the bar, ten yards away on his own. It took 15 minutes of argueing with the staff before he was allowed to join us.

If you want to be treated as if you're naughty schoolchildren in a a canteen then this is the place for you. Otherwise don't bother and go somewhere where the staff have a clue about hospitality.
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Reviewer georgelai
I think people forget when its an All you eat A La Carte, they charge per person, its not about allowing friends to join the table!
I do not know of any Buffet style restaurants simply allow people to sit on the table without charging them.
Shanghai Nights is the only restaurant that offers an All you can eat A La Carte with with a set price. With over 250 dishes to choose from including Dim Sums, Lobsters, Sea bass, i simply cannot how anyone can fault this restaurant!
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Reviewer BAE
Indeed! Especially the waitress had a very unfriendly attitude!

What is the problem?
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Reviewer georgelai9898
Maybe its you!
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Reviewer Anonymous
The new refurb has got the place looking great and there is so much choice, something like 160 dishes to choose from. Immense
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