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16-24 Baldwin Street, BS1 1SE
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Joined. 15/08/2011
15/08/2011 @ 22:56
I recently visited Reflex with a group of Stags-men, and what can I say? Well, gentle readers it was a night I will never forget! The decor sparkles with retro vibe without being gaudy, giving the feeling I'd got in my DeLorean, gunned it to 88 and ended up in 85... 1985! The clientele were all in high spirits as well, dancing and boogieing harder than Kevin Bacon in Footloose, straw-haired barnet definitely included! But I think, the best thing in a long list of things that make this place great for old and young alike has to be the 'loose bloke in red' who, god bless him, worked so hard to keep that pole polished! Five little goldies from this Urban Tiger!
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"Terrible place...... don't go We were one of the first people is…"
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