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Jesters Comedy Club

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Venue Image
142 Cheltenham Road,

(0117) 9096655 

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Jesters Comedy Club
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Reviewer modern_rob
This is a great venue for live comedy and not just because of the calibre of acts it can attract. Its pretty cheap compared to other venues and the bar etc is all really good. just a great place to go
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Reviewer Marpsy
i disagree with modern robs review. We went there on their opening night as i could not wait to take my partner to his first comedy event. We booked very early as we knew would be sold out quickly due to new venue. We were greeted very aggressivly by the door staff as were everybody else. We were told no table was there for us but eventually were seated at a table which was booked already and told we had to move elsewhere which we did. Then after being seated at a table of four the door staff seated a further group of 4 people who were not amused as they had booked a private table for 4. Eventually after alot of complaints we all decided we didnt mind sitting together.. even though this table of 4 now had 6 who all had pre booked meals. half way through our meal a further 4 people were crammed into our 4 seater table. (very awkward) Main thing is the agressive nature from the door staff who made us all feel EXTREMELY uncomfortable. eventually we all squeezed in but the poor seating arrangements meant that when the acts actually started, the seats we were in meant all we could see or take notice of was the bar staff refilling the bar, talking to other members of staff and generally displaying lack of customer service. Then when time arrived for a quick ciggy outside the aggressive doorstaff were so busy threating all smokers to get in to the rain as we could not smoke near the door, which is fair enough but when the lady doorwomen started arguing with the people going into the pub across the road made not just us but everyone very uncomfortable. We also were promised and paid for the disco which was supposed to go on til 2 we were ALL kicked by 12 . as we were told not enough people to make worth their while. This is the first comedy show i took my partner to. And the way the seating was arranged was APPALING. We shall stick to Jonglours from now on. As will my office co workers and family. - Report
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Reviewer munkeeman
Went there last night and compared to the old Jesters it was rubbish. We were told we had prime seats in the balcony, prime seats for idiots !!

Ask before you book because you do not want to sit there, the drunken women who couldn't even stand talked the whole way through and when the people behind complained to the bouncers she was told to hit her then they would throw her out (on two occassions !!)

Heckling from the drunk idiots sat to the other side consisted of shouting f**k off every five minutes which you could tell annoyed all the comedians as well as us but the bouncers still did nothing.

Couldn't even hear the last comedian as the people behind were so drunk they just talked al the way through his set.

To top it all off, it all spilt over and there which made my wife feel very un comfortable. All the owner said was I've got to go and DJ and would not listen.

What a fantastic way to treat your overpaying customers. But I suppose he has his £7000 a month rent to worry about.

I will never go back here and the bold statement on the big screen of wanting to be the "UK's best comedy club" will never happen as this is not even Bristols best comedy club, taking it that it survives as I spoke to 20 people who would never go back and were going to tell all their friends not to go there.
- Report
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