Igfest Bristol


10th September - 13th September 2009


Harbourside and locations around the city

Igfest, or the interesting games festival, is back with more street games, madcap hunts and mass social interaction. It's a free festival which turns Bristol into a giant playground. Hunting moose, fleeing the zombies, and dodging lasers are some of the games in store.

Street Games
There are dozens of games to take part in during the Igfest weekend. Some only take a few minutes, other last hours, and while some test your stamina and challenge your wits, others are simply a case of hide and seek. The Igfest Bristol festival is entirely free and is a celebration of street games, brought to you by the best international artists and street games designers.

The Igfest Bristol games begin with Moosehunt, a three-day event where the aim is to track down three moose which have been let loose in the wilds of the Avon. You simply have to be the first person to take a picture of them to claim first prize. However, these moose are radio tagged and they know when they're being stalked. And if they take a picture of you before you get them, you're out of the game.

La Noche de los Muertes
Igfest Bristol events then begin in earnest with La Noche de los Muertes (The Night of the Dead). This replaces last year's hugely popular Journey to the Middle of the Night and is basically a giant chase game across the city. Players are pursued by zombies between seven scenes at secret locations around the city. The game ends with a Mariachi band and a macabre street procession.

Throughout the Igfest weekend Bristol will be turned into a giant playing board. Around the city, players can find various Grasshopper games. These are scrawled out in chalk on the city's streets and can be as simple as hopscotch. Players will also be given chalk to create their own games. You can pick up a map at the Igfest Bristol headquarters - iglounge - at the Harbourside to find the exact location of the Grasshoppers.

Sneaks and Blaggers
Another game back by popular demand is Sneaks and Blaggers, an interactive, urban version of snakes and ladders which sees a multi-storey car park transformed into a 3D game board. You have to climb the stairs and slide down the slopes while picking up coloured tokens. But there are baddies hidden in the shadows who are ready to steal back the tokens.

In the midst of all the game playing fun, there's the Saturday night celebration. However, as you'd expect, even this has an element of game playing. Go along in disguise, practice your power moves and take part in Micro-Rave, an interactive video game where you are the characters involved in the unfolding story.

Game Over
The Igfest Bristol events programme ends with the award ceremony where the designers of this year's best game will be celebrated. There'll also be the prize-giving for the Moosehunt photography award and a good shindig to see the festival off in style.

Igfest takes place at the Harbourside and in locations around the city from 10th September - 13th September 2009. To sign up to play click on the link below.

Igfest Official Site

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