Moosehunt Bristol


9th September - 13th September 2009



Moose will be wandering about the city centre as part of this year's Igfest. The Igfest, or interesting games festival, will see 28 interactive games played in the city centre, starting with a giant Moosehunt. Bristol hunters aim your cameras and fire!

Wildlife Photography
The Moosehunt Bristol was launched last year and it saw hundreds of hunters scouring the streets carefully tracking down the elusive moose. The game is the brainchild of Simon Evans and Simon Johnson, the men behind Igfest. The aim of Moosehunt is to track the animal, which last year was a heavily disguised Simon Evans, and capture its image on camera. The first player to do it wins the Moosehunt Bristol.

Guided Hunts
This year there are three moose to track, each starting from secret locations within a 50 mile radius of Bristol and making their way to the city centre. As the moose will be roaming around the surrounding villages of Bristol there's even more opportunity to play, and if you need to brush up your hunting skills you can join guided Moosehunts on the second day of the game.

Poor Deers
You have to feel a bit sorry for the pool old moose. The three volunteers have to wear a heavy and somewhat awkward costume and make their way to Bristol city centre without being spotted. They have to make their way there by foot and they have no phone contact, no money and no public transport to help them. Players can use their mobile phones to keep track of the moose but they have to do so carefully. If the moose captures a player on camera, he or she is out of the game.

Moose Map
To make it easy to find the moose, they have all been radio tagged and their position is recorded every 20 minutes. You simply have to text to find out where they are. However, whenever you load the Moose Map the moose is informed and your position is revealed to the moose. If they photograph you and upload the picture before you get them you're out of the competition. Moosehunt Bristol is free to enter, but how much you spend on tracking the moose depends on how many SMS and MMS messages you send during the game.

The Moosehunt Bristol takes place within a 50 mile radius of Bristol city centre and runs from 9th September - 13th September 2009. To track the moose and play click on the link below.

Moosehunt Official Site

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