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748-756 Fishponds Road, Fishponds, BS16 3UA
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23/09/2010 @ 14:39
"I visited the Albion in Clifton village last night with my wife f…"


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26/04/2010 @ 14:10


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28/08/2010 @ 08:53
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20/09/2010 @ 01:46

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  • The Albion
    I visited the Albion in Clifton village last night with my wife f...
    Porcini on 23/09/2010 @ 14:39
  • Anchor Inn
    My family and I have frequented this pub on a number of occasions...
    oldtrout on 21/09/2010 @ 21:14
  • The Grapes
    This is a lovely little pub! I was made to feel really welcome an...
    MMMHARIBO on 19/09/2010 @ 08:50
  • Watershed Cafe Bar
    I love this place. Nice atmosphere, friendly people, good prices....
    eagro on 15/09/2010 @ 08:54
  • The Ranch
    Love this place! Always busy on a weekend. Good place to start a ...
    StarStarStarNo StarNo Star
    Jt100 on 14/09/2010 @ 22:56