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Valentines Day at Bristol Bars

Posted by: kimsanders 27/01/2009 @ 10:29
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Heading out this Valentines Day with your loved one? It's a Saturday after all, so you can't bury your head in the sofa and pretend it's not happening. Offering up some feeble excuse that you've got work in the morning isn't going to work because, quite frankly, you haven't, unless you work on Sundays, in which case I feel bad for you.

Anyway, there are plenty of places you can while away an evening, knocking back suggestively titled cocktails and telling each other how much you love, er, each other. If you and your partner are planning to spend Valetines Day at Bristol bars why not try Hush Hush (good for the aforementioned cocktails), Mbargo or Bijou? Although the weather will be undoubtedly cold, you could brave it and head down to the Aqua Bar and Restaurant and enjoy a few cocktails.

This Valentines Day Bristol bars have even gone so far as to lay on some special events. Cosies, for example, is hosting The Homies, a mix of hip-hop, funk and old skool. It's only £2 entry and it's open till late.
If you want to show off how 'hip' you are, you could head down to Amoeba, the Spotted Cow or Square Club Bar.

If you're brave and planning to have your first date on Valentines Day at Bristol bars you could have a look at our recommended bars for a first date.  We've even compiled a list of romantic bars, if nothing tickles your fancy. And if you're single, there's no reason you can't enjoy a bit of love this Valentines Day at Bristol bars. At Java Bar there's a Singles Party on Thursday, February 12. Who knows? Cupid might yet strike.


And if you want to avoid the whole tawdry affair you don't have to stay away from Valentines Day at Bristol bars. Oh no,  you could head down to The Fleece. OK, OK, it's a Valentines Special, but do you think Doreen Doreen, a band specialising in all that's glam about the 70s and 80s is really going to create the sort of atmosphere for true love to flourish? No, it's where you'll have a good laugh with your friends and not spend the evening glowering at couples.


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