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168 Whiteladies Road,

(0117) 973 5922

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Reviewer bartz87
Really enjoy this pub and the food is great too (try the burgers, their to die for). I'd advise going on a Saturday as there is usually a magician called Kieron the Mighty who performs up-close magic. I know what a lot of you are thinking "really a magician". But trust me the first time I went there with some friends we meet Kieron and had our minds blown, not only is he extremely talented he's also an exceptionally nice guy.

I've been many times to the kings arms and to be honest, most of the times it was to take my friends to see Kieron. If you get a chance to see him perform you should definitely go see him as he does quite a few live shows which are just as good, if not better than his close up stuff. I went to see one of his shows recently called Kieron the Mighty vs Death, it had quite a lot of humor and some great highlights like the mind reading, but was also very dark and serious at points. He recently showed us one of his tricks he's planning on doing for his shows and my god it's amazing, unfortunately me telling you how good it was doesn't really do it justice so what i will say is you will have to see him for yourself to truly appreciate the awesomeness that is Kieron the Mighty. one thing I will say though is that ever since the first time we saw him, my missus is convinced he's actually a wizard.

So to sum up, go to the kings arms as it's a great pub for booze and food but try and make it a Saturday night as that's when Kieron is usually there and that is something you do not want to miss.
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Reviewer loulouboo

The Kings Arms is a nice pub, its slightly pricey but its worth going on a Saturday just to get the chance to see the in house magician Kieron. Plus I recommend giving the food a try as they do the best burgers, the old smokey is particularly good.

When I went to the kings arms for the first time it was only meant to be a quite Saturday night with some friends, but then Kieron the Mighty arrived at our table. Don't be fooled by his nervous introductions because not only is he a magician/illusionist he's a wizard! You may think that its the booze saying this, but if seen him many times now and even saw his live show at the kings arms and i still think he's a wizard. his close-up magic is simple but effective so much so it hurts your head because you can not work it out.
Kieron's live show kieron the mighty versus death was a great mix of magic and comedy with some dark stunts thrown in, maybe a little to dark near the end. I've taken many friends to the pub to see kieron and none have been disappointed. I would advise anyone who gets a chance to go see either his close-up or stage performances as you will go away with a sore head but you will have had a very good night.

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Had to come on quickly and set up an account because I think people should be aware of this magic show I watched last week. If I’m totally honest Bristol can become quite tedious after 20+ years of going to the same old rubbish nights and standard bars and clubs, so when you come across something a bit different it really is great to see.

It reminded me of the days of when I saw Derren Brown in the Tobacco Factory, before he ever became big – although I don’t believe Keiron the Magician will ever be as popular as Derren (sorry if your reading Keiron!), it was fantastic to watch and his magic/illusion tricks were great entertainment for a Thursday evening.

The pub was relatively busy, I guess it’s hard to promote this kind of thing – but the venue was still inviting and not awkwardly empty. It last for what must have been almost two hours, of which then I was so relaxed and satisfied I ended up staying until closing time, chatting to the magician.

Although the bar staff were a little off the ball the drinks were great and the experience was refreshing – great to do something difference for once!
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