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Leighton Road,

(0117) 977 7019

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Reviewer eozev
We visited this establishment for the first time last Saturday and had a super evening, the band was great, the staff were very friendly and attentive and the other people there were also friendly and seemed to enjoy the evening. The locals definitely didn't bite and were in fact lovely, the drinks were reasonably priced we didn't go to look at the building, yes a bit of paint would be super and a refit great but in this economic climate who can afford that especially if you don't own it yourself, it was clean and tidy and we went to have a good evening and that's what we got, so maybe the venue and atmosphere is what you make it! Would go again especially if the entertainment is of the same standard each week. :-)
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Reviewer classic0904
Called at this pub whilst in the area and it was really grim! The barman or landlord (couldn't say which) was most unwelcoming and and gave the clear impression that customers were an inconvenience, and how dare they interrupt him to order a drink whilst he is chatting to his mates! But pub was quite busy with locals - maybe after you've been a drinker there for about 10 years you might get a better welcome. The beer garden is weed-infested and surrounded by high walls giving the impression of a prison exercise yard!! Won't be going there again - ever!
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Reviewer MrsBaker
First of all I would like to start by defending Knowle Hotel with regards to Ivor's infantile comments and lack of knowledge for the pub industry! The pub is a listed building and many updates that the land lord would like to make are not permitted- also Knowle Hotel is tied (which means that the building is owned by the brewery and leased to the current landlord but the landlord owns the business- Mr Cheesley is not "management" Ivor!). As a result any cosmetic or structural changes are subject to the brewery- the landlord does not own the building and spending vast amounts of money on it would be wasteful as he would not get this back. Despite this the landlord has within the last year spent money on cosmetic changes which came out of his own back pocket (not dedicated- you should really get your info correct or from a more reliable source before you make snap judgements Ivor!). By keeping cosmetic adjustments to a minimum Mr Cheesley is helping to maintain a reasonable priced pint- the brewery keep upping the cost of the products he sales and the business is tied to buy 75% of it's alcohol from the brewery, but Mr Cheesley tries to refrain from increasing the cost to the customers! Mr Cheesley's devotion to Knowle Hotel is incredible- he works 24/7 with only 2 evenings off a week which he spends doing paperwork. He works behind the bar and in the cellar and office every single day- all day! On the occasional hrs he is sat down he will indeed be the other side of the bar; but there is a reason for this- Mr Cheesley likes to keep an eye on everything, from every angle and make sure that the pub is smooth running, welcoming and safe for everyone. He does not tolerate drugs, underage drinking or abusive or threatening behaviour towards clients or staff- by Mr Cheesley's presence being the other side of the bar people respect him and feel the benefits of his humor and values. The pub has fantastic live bands on Saturdays and is buzzing all weekend- great real ale!
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Reviewer Ivor Thurston
Going downhill rapidly.Exterior paintwork blistered and flyblown.

The estate pubs over the Wells Road closed, and now their more lively clientele congregate in the public bar, leading to an increase in emotionally intense discussions.

The lounge hasn't had a lick of paint in years.Landlord not seemingly interested in much apart from chatting to his cronies.The younger bar staff are generally okay.

Seats in the lounge bar are now so filthy as to constitute a health hazard.Shame, because the potential is there - the area is ripe for a relatively smart pub, and the site and size of the place are good.

It just isn't going to happen under the current unimaginative management.In short, the landlord has let this pub run down from an assuming community hostelry, to a nasty den.
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Reviewer daryl17
You Mr Ivor Thurston are obviously a silly old fart who would not know a decent pub if it fell on you. As explained the decor in the pub costs money and this would have to come out of the landlords pocket so grim and dull it is but thats the way we like it. As for the clientele,we are a group of people who know each other,get on well and enjoy a good laugh together, young and old. Obviously strangers are welcome as long as they respect the rules of the management and most enjoy the music on a saturday night. However, strange people with negative thoughts make us upset,so if you do visit again could you make yourself known.
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Reviewer Anonymous
great beer!
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