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Review byHeather Morgan20/01/2009
A traditional blokes' pub where testosterone levels run high thanks to an almost constant screening of Sky Sports and an abundance of pool tables.

The Venue
If Carlsberg made pubs they'd probably be like this. When it came to the decorating a woman obviously wasn't consulted, and it looks like the last refurb happened in 1975. Efforts have instead been directed towards keeping the lads entertained.

There are eight pool tables downstairs, four more upstairs (as well as another bar) and several large TV screens which take up most of the wall space. Walk in at any time, on any day, and you can almost guarantee Sky Sports will be on.

And of course it wouldn't be a man's ultimate dream pub without comfy leather sofas - perfect for sinking into while clutching a cold pint. For the rare times when the sports isn't on, there's the jukebox which has a variety of music, from cheesy pop to dad rock.

In the summer its beer garden is a great place to hangout, especially as they put a projector on the back wall for all the major matches. The Sportsman is linked to The Annexe, but they're run as separate venues, which is rather confusing.

The People
The Sportsman, as the name (and decor, entertainment, etc) suggests, is a mecca for sports fanatics. Friday nights can get rowdy and raucous as locals and students swap their 'knowledge' of the beautiful game.

It's pretty much a woman-free zone, and if you do see one it's probably the cleaner. If you're planning on taking a girl there on a date, don't. There are times when it's quiet but if you happen to stumble in during a match day you'll wish you had earplugs.

The Food
Fine cuisine, sparkling cutlery and starch-stiff napkins are as absent from The Sportsman as female customers. Artery clogging pub grub, popular with men with paunches, is the mainstay of the menu.

As if to reaffirm its male-only standpoint, The Sportsman serves its 12-inch thincrust pizzas (£6) in takeaway-style boxes. Or you could treat yourself to sausage, egg and chips, which is only £4.50.

The Drink
You'll find only traditional booze at The Sportsman. Brightly coloured cocktails are considered too exotic, and anything which isn't served in a pint measure is viewed with suspicion.

However, its large selection of ales, ciders and lagers isn't cheap. The cheapest pint is £2.80, and the most expensive lager is £3.

The Last Word
Without doubt a man's pub - no effort has been made to make it anything else, and the men who frequent it like that way.
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