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Reviewer kookieshell
I like another user had to create a profile on here just to let people know what Casamia is really like after seeing it on tv the other night! I honestly am stunned that they were on Gordon's Best Restaurant as the woman owner (mother) is a complete and utter battle axe who wouldn't know good service if it hit her in the face. She is without a doubt the rudest restaurant host I have ever had the misfortune of coming into contact with. The food at Casamia is completely over rated. I think people only claim to have had an orgasmic dining experience here as it is a Michelin started restaurant and they don't want to appear as though they are ignorant and "don't get it!". The food is not Michelin quality, I have eaten in Michelin restaurants all over the world and this is not on par. They plate up well but the tastes are confused and just bad in some respects. I sincerely hope that they stay in the Gordon's Best restaurant competition long enough to have the mystery diner serves by the awful mother because that will be some very good tv for sure. The restaurant itself is the pits too. The entrance makes you believe that it is something fancy and you get in and it looks like a 1980's Italian restaurant. Bit of a dump really. You will waste money going here - that's a fact. The food is average and claims to be something it isn't and the service is so bad it will make your hair stand on end. I assure you.
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Reviewer Jo1255
This Restaurant is amazing, go there if you want something different. The service is very friendly and the food amazing. What an achievement to be on Ramsay's Best Restaurant and to have a Michelin Star.
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Reviewer Karl1967
Having seen Casamia on a Ramsey programme it has driven me to write a review.
We booked a table at for eight people. We arrived early 8.15ish. We sat down and asked if we would like to see the menu's we were given the a la carte and the taster menu ,we all decided to try the taster menu. When the waitress (the owner) came back she told us we needed to two days notice if we wanted the taster menu which begged the question why she gave us the menu in the first place. After much puffing and panting from the waitress we began to order.
My wife is a vegetarian and asked what was available for her. She was told she could have a vegetarian version of the meat taster menu. I asked do you mean the vegetarian taster to which she replied we would have to give two days notice for that. After much hilarity at this remark we carried on. I ordered the deconstructed Caesar salad to be told I could have it if no one else had already ordered it, main course I ordered was the partridge,
When the food came they gave me guinea fowl as they had no partridge and this should be fine as they are similar. We were given the sweet menu I ordered the chocolate ganache to be told they did not have any left and would I like cheese instead. I said no to which she replied with a scowl saying well your alright then. This was the point when I lost it and said that was not alright and explained to her that the only thing I ordered that they had was the Caesar salad and I only got that because no one else wanted it. Her reply to this was priceless " we work very hard and everything is cooked fresh and we were a late table we should expect that things run out" to which my friend reminded her that we booked for 8.30 and arrived early. She then turned on her heals and refused to serve us.
I must stress that we are not difficult normally but this was a joke.
Unfortunately I cannot remember if we enjoyed the food as the service was so appalling
I would advise going there when the mother is off.
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Reviewer Truview
A fabulous restaurant . Every course was perfect and the service was impeccable. A truly unique experience . Go there !
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Reviewer kalyanbasu
A very late review. A few weeks ago. Baby must be here now.
Excellent food and super hosting by a delightful family.
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Reviewer Anonymous
After visitn this magnificent restaurant I am yet to find anywhere that compares. Simply wonderful.
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Reviewer Anonymous
Couldnt agree more

Starter - pigeon with coffee and almonds surprisingly delightful and definitely exciting

Main - lamb with deconstructed pesto followed a hot and cold lime gin shot to cleanse the old palate - I was underwhelmed however, plus it could have been hotter when it finally got to the table

Dessert - if there is a god then the chocolate tart (topped with sea salt, good lord amazing touch) with beetroot ice cream would be his favourite dessert - the finest thing to have ventured past my lips ever! actually still makes me feel emotional....stunning surroundings, great wine, sumptious little amouse bouche when taking a drink at the bar pre dinner - family friendly service and warm freshly made bread - if they polish up on getting the food out a bit quicker and HOTTER then 5 stars it will be!just go!
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