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2 Stokes Croft,

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Review byElla Woods20/05/2008
The Blue Mountain has been an integral part of Bristol’s underground club scene for years. If you’re looking for a sweaty knees up in a no-nonsense environment then make your way out of the city centre to Stokes Croft for a real underground clubbing experience. Hurry, it may not be here forever.

The Venue
At the heart of Bristol’s Stokes Croft, an area favoured in equal measure by artists and the crack addicted, The Blue Mountain is a genuine, no frills underground rave venue. Once inside you can either head right into the main room or ascend the steep stairs to the second room. The main room is an unusual shape, with a small bar at the back near the entrance in a room dominated by a dancefloor and massive stage.

Upstairs the second room is smaller but has a bigger bar and a door leading through a corridor out onto the Blue Mountain’s secret weapon - an open air rooftop terrace, replete with picnic tables and chairs. It's overlooked by a wall of vintage 1990s graffiti from some of the city’s finest ever painters.

It may look like it hasn’t been redecorated in years and sometimes you may wonder whether you’ve wandered into a city centre house party but don’t let that put you off. This is all part of the Blue Mountain’s inimitable charm.

It's set to be demolished for redevelopment along with much of Stokes Croft in the next couple of years. There's a petition on Facebook and there's been numerous protests. Make sure you experience a night at the Blue Mountain before its gone forever.

The People
In a word - ravers. People don’t come to Blue Mountain expecting to do anything but dance and enjoy their music. Crowds vary with nights and promotions but they're generally a mix of students and locals. While the atmosphere has that gritty bite and grimy edge needed for the true underground clubbing experience there is an overwhelmingly friendly and respectful vibe.

The Music
Breaks, drum and bass, house and old school are the most commonly featured music policies at the numerous nights hosted here.

Probably the biggest night and certainly the one that encapsulates everything the Blue Mountain is about is Break! – a night where you’re just as likely to hear old school jungle and classic house as new school electro and drum and bass. At this event the venue is decked out in enough neon banners and UV decorations to make you think it's 1995 again.

The Drinks
With its near-horizontal laidback bar staff and fridges overflowing with £3 cans of Red Stripe and bottles of Dragon Stout, getting a drink at the Blue Mountain can feel like a somewhat Caribbean experience. While this may be a charming reminder of the venue’s close-knit, family-run feel, you can't get away from the fact there’s very little choice on offer.

The Last Word
The Blue Mountain has definitely seen better days but still remains an essential part of the Bristol clubbing map. If you don’t mind getting your shoes a bit dirty and music matters more to you than the drinks selection and spotless toilets then this loveable old venue is for you.

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