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6 Upper York Street,

(0117) 923 2225

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Reviewer Jram1
Two words, CRACK-DEN.

This club is full of underage, drug fueled weirdo's.

Stay clear, in less that's your thing.
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I love Lakota and have had some of the best nights of my life there. I've met some great fun people and even got engaged there in Feb 2008, at tribe of frog! I'm now happily married and living in the Cayman islands dreaming of my upcoming visit to the Uk when we'll try and hit a frog party. Life is for living, so get there and party!
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Reviewer mimbis
Ha aw Lakota Lakota Lakota where do I start! Lol I been going 4 about 5 years and I must say is is got to be the most down to earth place that I ever been 2 the people are lovely music is out this world! I have had some of the best nights out in my life some beating the clubs in Ibiza! Light are wiked sound system is pumpin! And as I uv raver im in heaven! Lakota has inspired me a lot in my life I not long started djing after been in the scene. As been quite young I started kickin it off down there then after going out side the uk to travel been djing around the world also repping and doing back drops and uv design started up doing fire poi all down to the life style and experience of Lakota! Some thing it is a shit hole witch it absolutely is lol but it wot u make of it and what people make of if and the pumppin endless vibe going all night it will keep u buzzing 4 days. Its almost as I must say. Additive!

As 4 that purson that was on about it b4 im the same I met some of my very best m8s and the one that have never let me down.! Oki they like to have a drink ;) if u no what I mean but there all there a nuff to no how m8s sould b treated. And as 4 helping people yes! I am 1 of them I have help quite a few popele down there as in sorting fights out 2 sorting lost and loved ones lol to liluns ;) and glowstick problems lol and the off can I borro a pound its like a little hardcore family lol well if any 1 dose still go down there im always down the tribe of frog nights cant miss me trust lol uv yellow bottems raver green top always a crazy uv mad bobbin hat lol that knocks people off the bouncy lol and always leaves at the end unless some 1s ill.

If u no any good hardcore raves coming up u wanna go 2 delerium again ever hardcore rave there and went to the last ever at Lakota and then the 1st ever delerium at clockwork and the 1st delerium back to Lakota lol woooo lol sorry im quite pleased with m
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Reviewer Anonymous
This club has such an attitude to it, do not go if you expect people to be friendly.

It is extremely hostile. I went there Saturday night and have never had such a bad experience.

The bouncers do not do their job. This place attracts those looking for trouble.
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Reviewer greenday186
I completely disagree. I have had some of the best nites at lakota and have met some amazing people who are now very close friends.

The atmosphere on a busy nite is buzzing; the decorations for these nites are fantastic!

Decorations literally glowing under uv lights, hanging from the walls and ceiling. The club is brought to life with its decor, super sound system and generally hppy vibe.

Admitedly the club does have more of an underground feel to it but at the same time its down to what you want from nightclub and personally this is what i look for, and if thats not your sort of thing why not try the syndicate.

If ever any trouble has started or anyone has been hurt i have seen the bouncers taking action responsibley to ensure people can continue enjoying their nite or in case of injury an ambulance phoned.

I am not trying to say this happens frequently but as with all nightclubs it will happen from time to time.

I have seen strangers more than happy to try and help someone they dont even know if aid is needed.

The reason i go to lakota is to avoid the typical atmosphere of 'towny clubbing' which can often be hostile, where people go out just to pull.

I go out to meet new people and enjoy myself and most importantly the music! Alot depends on the sort of nite you go out to.

If you are looking for a friendly, upbeat nite in bristol come to 'masteravers' nites where there is a growing group of regulars than go out to dance, rave and enjoy!

Fantastic friendly people! Of course, thats if hardcore dance music is your thing. Please dont tar this club with a tainted brush untill you have experienced it yourself as it will be missed when it's gone!
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