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Reviewer southville
As a frequent (female) visitor and occasional volunteer at SouthBank, I am saddened by the above 'reviews'. SouthBank is not the Ritz, it is not the Tobacco Factory, and it makes no claims to be so. It is an event space run on very little funding for the good of the local community, and is a fantastic place to go dance. The director, who is apparently the target of the above negativity, has never fawned, flirted or danced with me! - he is a very hard working individual who donates most of his time, and without him Southville wouldn't have an alternative arts center at all, however rough around the edges it might be. Here's to the long climb SouthBank is making out of its dark history as a rough social club, and its bright future as a renowned center for dance.
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Reviewer percym
In reply to "southville".

The HolyCross Club never had "dark days as a rough social club".
It was run in a very responsible manner, was clean and tidy and well decorated both inside and out.
It supplied bar service and food at at a reasonable cost, and displayed current food hygiene certification.
It was very popular in the local Bedminster area, and was a very profitable business.
It has been sad to see it's decline from a well loved thriving local asset, into a practically unused building, that has to rely on hand outs and volunteers,despite the all the owners "hard work".
As to the present owner's fawning activities I can only assume that the reviewer (invig...)would have no reason to lie.
I think everyone in the area would like this business to succeed, but in order to do so , it would have to cater for what is actually wanted, not what the owner blindly thinks is wanted.
Maybe only a change in ownership will see the building used to good effect.
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Reviewer percym
Lots of incorrect info.TV coverage is limited to Freeview.Only opens on the odd occasion , then rarely more than a few customers.Facilities are poor , very seldom any live events.Scruffy bar selling a very limited range of keg beers.Very expensive price structure.Often charges for entry!!!!
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Reviewer invigilator
Percym forgot to mention the woeful lack of hygiene and wilful mismanagement, this could be the best venue in Southville but for the complete ineptitude of its owner. His main interest is dancing with the ladies or fawning over the office girlies, the investors are treated like morons, and as they keep throwing money at this shambles I presume they are.
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Reviewer percym
In response to "Invigilate" , you reflect the view of many local people.
Many of them think he is a conman, other people defend him thinking he is going through a late " male menopause " , or just mentally ill.
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