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Review byLucy Duggan18/11/2008
Situated half way up a residential street in fashionable Montpelier is one of Bristol’s better known pubs which has arguably seen better days.

The Venue
The outside of The Cadbury House is undergoing a bit of a facelift and is now covered with graffiti art. They're also making a few tweaks here and there, but on the whole it retains a traditional feel.

As you go in you immediately descend some steps into the main body of the pub, the layout of which has a very traditional feel to it, with low ceilings, pillars, a large polished bar and dark wood little tables tucked into alcoves.

The outside area is large and, as well as a grassy, bordered garden, it has a large sheltered patio area which houses about 10 large pub benches.

The People
The Cadbury House is still a hugely popular local pub. Workers in the area come in on their breaks and after they’ve clocked off, and plenty of jobless trustafarians can be spotted here at most other times.

It has an undeniably bohemian clientele with plenty of aspiring musicians and penniless artists lurking in the garden smoking. It’s not an unfriendly crowd either – when it gets busy and the table space is limited, there’s a lot of intermingling between groups going on.

Local celebrities (members of Massive Attack and Portishead) are not averse to the odd drink here, lending the place some added kudos.

Although the pub still has a strong and definite character, a lot of its formerly defining features, like the pinball machine and unsurpassable jukebox, have now been removed and there is a slightly pretentious, soap-dodging crowd that’s proliferated here in recent years.

These factors combine to detract from its former legendary status as a watering hole. They have DJs in at the weekend and for the occasional late-night party, which, on a good night, harks back to The Cadbury House's glory days.

The bar staff are on the ball but can be a little dismissive and downright anxious to get you out the minute time’s up. On busy weekend nights be prepared to wait ages at the bar.

The Food and Drink
They do traditional pub food, like bangers and mash for £5.50, potato wedges, a range of sandwiches, roast dinners for £7.50, and homemade burgers. They'll also soon be selling full English breakfasts at the weekend for £5 to £5.95, as well as pancakes and maple syrup.

They don’t have a massive selection at the bar – if you’re after a cocktail or a good selection of wine, you’d be advised to try elsewhere.

They are strong on ales though, serving Doom Bar, St Austell's Tribute and Betty Stogs for £2.75 to £2.85.

Premium lagers include San Miguel, Red Stripe and Grolsch for £3.15 a pint, or Staropramen for £3.35, as well as the gorgeous Thatcher’s Gold cider. All the alcohol is reasonably priced with an economical four-pint jug option available on some.

The Last Word
Although the general consensus is it's not what it used to be, The Cadbury House still has a strong pulse and pulls in the crowds. The garden also makes it an excellent location for sunny day drinking.
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