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1 Unity Street,

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Review byLucy Duggan19/11/2008
Almost 20 years after Massive Attack first stormed the music charts, introducing the unique sound of trip-hop to the world, Bristol still trades on its status as its birthplace.

The reputation of Bristol as a city capable of producing some outstanding musical output has maintained itself over the years and yielded the Tube.

The Venue
Just off Park Street, fringed with all its independent and alternative fashion shops, and opposite College Green - the famous skaters haunt - you will find Tube discreetly tucked away.

Understated and barely perceptible to the untrained eye, the entrance is dwarfed by the huge Brooks Advisory Clinic next door. Situated in the basement of the building, it’s named so because of its unusual interior - long, low and narrow.

Dark brown leather seating, hard wood coffee tables and rich reds of the interior are bought to life by inspired lighting and street art canvases, which combine to create a relaxing yet stimulating atmosphere.

As you move past the main seating of the bar area, you proceed through a red tunnel to the dancefloor at the very back of the club. And it’s here the very best and worst aspects of the set-up quickly become apparent. The awesome, unrivalled sound system and the frustratingly inadequate size of the dancefloor.

The People
The underground, arty aspirations of the place are mediated by friendly bar staff and down-to-earth management, who ensure the place has an unpretentious atmosphere where you can enjoy yourself.

The age range of the clientele, who tend to be creative and into their music, runs from University students – who are catered for by a number of weekday student nights, to thirty-somethings, although the younger crowd predominates.

Whatever the age, the demographic of this club couldn’t be more different to the mainstream crowds who descend on the likes of Corn Street and the Harbour Side every Friday and Saturday night.

The Music
Founded by members of Massive Attack and Blowpop, the Tube focuses on the up-and-coming aspects of dance music like grime and dubstep.

It offers variety, hosting a number of distinct nights. Donuts on Fridays offers up a selection of dubstep, grime and garage, whereas on a Saturday night Move-D sticks with the electro and techno school of dance.

The Drink
The mirror-backed bar is set inside an archway and houses an impressive selection of spirits and unusual liquors, as well as a standard selection of draught ale, lager and bottled cider(Tube were the first venue to stock Brothers cider other than Glastonbury). A good range of bottled beers and mixers is also available.

Prices are moderate and student deals are available through the week. A spirit and a mixer costs around £3 as does a pint.

The Last Word
This place definitely captures the essence of the Bristol scene: very much a music driven and music based club, it also showcases the city’s latest underground artistic developments. A must for lovers of all things alternative.
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