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Colston Tower,
Colston Street,

(0117) 929 4455

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Reviewer syated
Rubbish Food, Rubbish Service, Rubbish Price!!!All three important sectors failed!!! Was highly recommended, I believe the Owner (Father) used to be brilliant but now it is ran by his family and they have really messed this place up. Service was appalling (women that served us couldn't give a damn) and when we mentioned this we were told it was because they were busy!!! If you can't handle a full restaurant then don't book your restaurant out to capacity!!! SIMPLE. it's not a excuse!!!Food was seriously mediocre and the price was not worth it at all!!!NEVER GO HERE!!!
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Reviewer Anonymous
I had a bad experience in this restaurant. The following is what happened:

1. Even after reserving a table for four we had to wait for more than fifteen minutes for seats. The reason may be that the restaurant was busy for which I agree, but there were no polite invitations for this.

2. It took another ten minutes for someone to come and ask for drinks.

3. After another fifteen to twenty minutes one of us had to leave the table and ask at the counter to take our order.

4. During giving order, we were not quick enough to decide how many popadums we need and were discussing should we order for three or four, at which the waiter asked us that we should have decided the order before calling him down and should not have wasted his time. Probably it was our mistake that we thought of eating there.

5. One of my friend had ordered lobster, he wanted to know how it would be served. The waiter answered that a lobster costs about 40 GBP and the dish is for 15 GBP hence you should guess.

After this, we decided we should leave, It transpired that the waiter was apparently the owner of the restaurant.

I am not sure, were we went wrong. I was not impolite at any instance. He said that he did not like the 'attitude' of my friend. I offered to pay the money of the drink, but I was told that he does not need my money. I felt really insulted.

Here I would like to say that I am an Indian and the Indian food at this place is at best average and the service was pathetic atleast for us.

I hope others who go to this restaurant are beware that things may not be as expected and may turn their evening sour.

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