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Oriental Buffet

Hengrove Leisure Park, Hengrove Way, BS14 0HR
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Joined. 20/08/2009
21/08/2009 @ 09:04
This restaurant has been here in Bristol for a while now, and I have noticed the improvement in the food and in the service given.

I believe they have used their customer complaints and compliments and have fully overcome their past mistake. In the past I agree there has been some bad service that makes me think "This is a bunch of sad, miserable waitresses.".

But to be frankly honest to everyone who want to visit this restaurant. Oriental Buffet Restaurant has changed because they have learnt from their mistake.

I don't know the owner of this restaurant like the other reviewers, I don't even live near Oriental buffet restaurant. I live in Chippenham, therefore I don't go there often, but i just want to let everyone know that.

You cant judge a restaurant by going there once. Give it a chance for a change. Maybe if you gave it another chance you might see the difference in the changes they had made.

I'm not saying this just for Oriental buffet restaurant but for all the other restaurants out there.

My opinion about this restaurant is excellent, the food is outstanding and the waitresses are shockingly pleasant. I think I'll come to this restaurant more often.

Maybe next time when I go there I'll see something new. When I get the chance to go to Bristol I'll definitely will be saving a space to eat at this restaurant. I'll be looking forward to it. Amelia (Female 23)
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