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Oriental Buffet

Hengrove Leisure Park, Hengrove Way, BS14 0HR
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21/02/2010 @ 12:39
We have been going to this restaurant since it first opened and unfortunately it has gradually gone 'down hill'. The food is generally good quality but on a couple of occasions the restaurant have chosen to close earlier than advertised (I guess because it wasn't that busy) and the staff has got increasingly ruder. I sent a glass back because I noticed lipstick on it and a glass was returned but my water (which I had paid for) was not replenished. Also a waitress while passing our table decided to pour the water left in the bottle into my glass just so she could clear the bottle. I am capable of pouring my own water if and when I need it! A SMILE goes a long way and I have felt on more than a few occasions, that we (the customers) are putting the staff out. The service needs a huge improvement and we have tried other Chinese Buffet restaurants in Bristol which are a lot better. If the service improves we would be glad to return but until then I am giving the once pleasant restaurant 'a wide berth'
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